Student-Developed Resources

On this page you’ll find  a series of questions our students asked regarding the profession of editing. For each question, students researched and wrote a one-page explanation. Our students also partnered together to edit each others’ pages before submitting them for evaluation and presenting their results in class.

The first link will take you to the assignment prompt and example page. The questions that follow take you to the students’ pages.

Sample Resource Page Assignment

Is copyediting something everybody can learn to do?

What does blog editing entail?

Are books dying?

What are some of the differences between publishing companies?

What is self-publishing and how is it affecting the publishing industry?

What is the process for becoming a freelance editor?

Do some publishing houses gear towards certain genres?

What are the conventions of digital editing that pose a challenge to copy editors?

How will publishing differ with the use of e-books?

How do the book and magazine editing worlds differ?

Do I need a graduate degree to be a copyeditor—even as a freelancer?

How do English teachers teach grammar and editing in the high school classroom?

What role did the editor or editors play in J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter Series?

What role does the developmental editor play?

How does one publish a manuscript?

What are some newly evolved words and how do they get added to the dictionary?


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