How will publishing differ with the use of e-books?

What sets an ebook apart

  • Flexible and malleable
  • Font size and style can be changed by the reader, as well as line spacing and “page” margin
  • Screen size varies, affecting the words per page ratio
  • Hyperlinks
  • Once published, any further corrections must be manually added to each format

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The developmental side of editing will be the largest transition for editors. As editors, we must acquire the necessary knowledge about the technology that makes these products work. “One of the most basic things for editors to keep in mind when planning to move into digital publishing is to actually—at least occasionally—read e-books.”—Joel Naoum, The Smell of Books.


Metadata is the information associated with the book,including book blurb, pricing, ISBN, author information, page extent, etc. The writer of The Smell of Books, Joel Naoum stated that, “When metadata is incorrect it can make it difficult or impossible for people to find a book when they are looking for it, and that means that all marketing attempts are going to be pointless.” Due to this, the publishing world has to deal with improving metadata. Part of a publisher’s job is to help sell the products, which makes correct metadata vital to the publisher and author.

The reality of electronic publishing

  • A majority of publishers produce half of their titles as e-books
  • Nearly half of publishers produce more than 75% of their titles as e-books
  • Amazon is the most popular sales channel used by publishers

Even though 80% of publishers still produce books in print form, on top of the electronic version, this number is decreasing as we venture further into the 21st Century. E-books make it easier and more accessible for people to publish content, especially with the ability to self-publish electronic versions of their writings, with over a million electronic books produced in 2013.

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Peyton Wolonsky is studying Communication and English at Texas Christian University. She has a passion for writing and the modern media.


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