Sample Resource Page Assignment

ENGL 40283 Editing and Publishing

Hoermann and Leverenz


Editing and Publishing Resource Page and Presentation

What questions do you still have about editing? For this project, students will research a question related to editing and publishing and answer the question in the form of a resource page appropriate for posting to a website. Questions will be generated by the class, and each student will be assigned a different question (based as much as possible on your preferences) in order to maximize what we can all learn. Use the link below to access the google page where you’ll post your questions:

Each student should post at least two questions by Thursday, April 10, at 5pm, so I can assign questions in class on Friday, April 11. Students will write up the answer to their question as a webpage using the format below. Students will also summarize their findings in a 5-7 minutes presentation beginning Friday, April 25. All pages will be due to the course website on April 25. In a final “fun with editing” twist, you’ll each be assigned to edit one of your peer’s resource web pages by Monday, April 28.  Each writer will then decide whether or how to use the recommended edits when you submit the final version of your resource page on Wednesday, April 30.

Your final quiz, which you’ll take during your final exam period, will be based on the information you glean from our visiting speakers and from each other’s resource pages.


For the Resource Page

The resource page should be based on at least 3 sources, written for a general audience interested in editing and publishing, and demonstrate your finest editing skills. It must include these sections (see template on the next page):

The question: State the question clearly for your audience.

The answer: You’ll want to write about 300-400 words of text. Use web-friendly conventions such as subheadings, bulleted lists, repetition of keywords, etc.

For more information: Provide a list of sources (embedding links as much as possible) used to answer the question.

The image: Choose an image that relates to your topic. Include the image source (URL) after the caption you write. Make sure it is the original source of the image. Use non-copyrighted images whenever possible and provide the citation for that image in your list of sources.

Your name and a brief bio: Follow your name with a sentence or two; situate that information at the bottom of the page. If you have a website that you want to link to, use your name as a link.

For the Presentation

Plan to present your resource page in about 5 minutes.  You may use slides, but no more than 3-5, just to help keep your audience focused on your most important information. Do not cut and paste your resource page into your slides. Prepare slides for viewing, not reading.

Editing Resource Pages

Editing page assignments will be random. You can access the page you’ve been assigned to edit by downloading the document from doc sharing. Editing using track changes and return the edited page to the appropriate doc sharing box.

Publishing Your Resource Page.

With your consent, the resource pages will be published to Jackie’s blog site for this class, If you prefer to keep your pages private, that preference is of no consequence to your final grade in the course because that preference won’t be communicated to Dr. Leverenz. Simply let Jackie know your preference.



Why teach an editing class?

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For more information

The Subversive Copyeditor Blog

Bay Area Editors Forum

Junk Charts

Image source:

Carrie Leverenz is Associate Professor of English and Director of the Institute of Critical and Creating Expression at Texas Christian University. She also loves dogs.


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