What are the conventions of digital editing that pose a challenge to copyeditors?

Digital Editing

The transition from paper and pen to the content writing programs of today has been a particularly hard process for many established editors in the trade. While the industry tried to prevent this inevitable development for a long while, the time for editing digital media is undoubtedly here. Fortunately, many of the conventions of hard copy editing have made that transition seamlessly; yet the challenge is not always directly related to the conventions of grammar and the consistency, clarity, and conciseness that copyeditors are traditionally versed in. Now in this new age of editing the factor of conciseness is key to successfully editing content for the web.

Paper is dead.

Paper is dead.

Educause.edu presents a quick info session in getting started in media editing here.

The Challenge of Future Employment

While the change to digital media editing sounds like it spells the end for many editors’ careers, this is not the case. The only challenge lies in the ability to adapt. If current editors are willing to take the time to receive training in web based and cloud based design programs they have the same opportunities ahead of them. According to many projections, the editing profession is not shrinking in size. The trade is only moving to web based programs; projections point to the online publication as the most lucrative new opportunity for editors to employ in the next twenty years.

Resources to Develop Digital Skills

Being able to use the programs that make online publication a reality is a must for the modern editor. Tutorials for such programs such as these make all the differences. Click the links to check out programs such as:




Google Drive










John Stratigopoulos is a writing student at TCU. He is constantly engaged in reading literary theory and producing his own creative and argumentative works digitally.


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