What does editing a blog entail?

Who Edits a Blog?

Blog-editing depends on how much traffic the site receives. There are a few different methods used for editing blogs. The following are the three primary ways:editing social media

  • Self-editing

o   This typically occurs when the blog is small or personal, not frequently visited, and when the owner maintains all aspects of the blog. This is the most popular type of editing for blogs.

  • Blog-editor

o   This can be a paid editor who manages content for larger blogs (e.g. news blogs) or a volunteer editor who manages content.

o   The size of the blog will typically govern whether the individual is a volunteer or paid editor.

  • Blog-editing service

o   Typically, individuals who want their blog to appear professional and easy to read use this option. An example of a blog-editing service is Scribendi. They charge the owner of the blog based upon the amount of words they are asked to edit as well as the amount of time the editing takes.

Responsibilities of Blog-Editing

There are generally six different responsibilities that a blog-editor must fulfill and they are as follows:

  1. Manage the writing team.
  2. Strategize with the leadership team.
  3. Create and manage editorial plan and calendar.
  4. Oversee “search engine optimization” implementation.
  5. Edit, approve, and publish content.
  6. Know legal and ethical issues of compliance.

How Blogs Change Editing

There are two aspects of blog-editing that distinguish its nature from other forms of editing. The first distinction is that blogs have blurred the line between writer and editor. With blogs, it is more common for writers to be their own editor. Secondly, editors must be more of a generalist than a specialist because of blogs’ multimodal features. For example, a blog editor must be responsible for hiring the writing team, setting an editing schedule, and editing the content whereas a book editor just has to worry about editing the content and communicating with the author and publisher. Since a blog editor has more responsibilities, this person must specialize in fewer responsibilities and generalize in more responsibilities.

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About the Author

All rights to authorship can be accredited to Sam Moseley and all compilation of content can be accredited to the additional sources above. Sam is a junior, Secondary Education-ELA major at Texas Christian University. He created this page as an assignment for his Editing and Publishing course during the spring semester of 2014.


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